Q. How do I submit a document?
You can email/web upload the document to us.


Q. What happens to my manuscript after I upload it to your site?
On receiving the input, we send you an official quote with the TAT. On your acceptance, we send you an invoice. The editing process is started on receipt of payment, and the edited manuscript is sent on/before the deadline.


Q. Does word count imply the number of words edited?
Word count refers to the number of words in your input document.


Q. I have written a book in German. Can you edit it?
No; our language editors are equipped to work only in English. However, we do language translations.


Q. I trust your editor. Can I simply accept all changes to save time?
Yes, you can; however, we do not encourage this. We advise you to cross-check the edited manuscript once again.


Q. What types of work do you edit?
We edit and proofread all types of documents, including grant proposals, thesis, letters, manuscripts, reports, publicity, presentations at international conferences, and dissertations.


Q. How will I know that you received my manuscript?
An automatic receipt is sent to your email address as soon as you upload the document (s) to the website.


Q. Will I have to pay the same amount again for revised manuscripts?
No; we offer a discount of 40% in the editing fee for manuscripts previously edited by us.


Q. What are the types of copy editing & proof reading services provided by you?
1. Hard copy: In this case, we make the changes in the document on paper. If the author has opted for ‘hard copy’ editing, then it is his/her responsibility to incorporate the changes in the respective soft copy of the document.

2. On Screen: Alternatively, we provide the edited version of your manuscript as soft copy (using the “Track changes” option in MS word) and email it back to you as an attachment. The decision to accept/reject changes lies with the author.

3. Changes made on-screen: The third alternative is that the copy editor can simply make the changes, working on screen, and you will receive a clean copy of the manuscript, which is ready for press. We recommend this option as it is the simplest, and there is very low risk of errors creeping back in. However, we strongly advise to read through the manuscript carefully to confirm that the changes are acceptable.


Q. How will I see the changes in my manuscript?
The “Track Changes” option (see here) in the “Tools” menu of MS Word (MS Word 2000, 2003, 6.0 or higher only) enables the visibility of edits. See here.


Q. What if I fail to receive my manuscript back on time?
GlobalEdico has a proven track record of not crossing any project deadline thus far. However, if any deadline is crossed due to any technical reason, we refund 10% of the editing costs for each day of delay.


Q. What if my edited manuscript is rejected on grounds of poor English?
We shall rework the manuscript until the desired standards are achieved.


Q. How long will it take to edit my document (including urgent documents) and when do I know it is ready?
Typical TAT for a 20-page manuscript is 2-3 days. Rush service is available upon request, but with additional charges. On edit completion, a mail will be sent with the edited document as attachment.


Q. Is your service secure and confidential?
Please see Security and Terms and Conditions.


Q. What are my payment options?
You can pay online through our PayPal account once the estimate is approved. You can also send a cheque in favor of GlobalEdico, on clearance the manuscript will be taken for processing.

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