Request a Sample

To have a feel of the quality of our Substantive editing service, you can get any 1 page sample document edited by us for USD 5 only. The document for sample editing should contain a maximum of 300 words.
If the total number of words in the document submitted for sample editing exceeds the specified word limit, only the first 300 words will be edited and returned to the author.
Please fill in the order form or send a mail to complete submission of your document (upto 300 words only) for Sample editing.


Terms and conditions:

1. We will not entertain more than one sample for a particular client.
2. The sample edit of 300 words will be considered within the total manuscript word count, for those who avail our services.
3. You are requested to provide any of your social media contacts such as WhatsApp, Wechat for better correspondence.
4. The Paid Sample Editing will be charged USD 5 only.

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