We guarantee that all documents are given our utmost personalized care. During the editing process the language editor first scrutinizes your document followed by a senior editor who reviews it to meet our strict quality guidelines. Our chief editor will oversee the final output to ensure that your deadline is met and our editing standards are maintained. Likewise, all our services have their own quality control departments to assure that error-free output is returned to the client.
Language and Copyediting Services


Professional copy editors and proofreaders refine the language and produce high-caliber, on-time, and error-free manuscripts. Our top-of-the-line team always delivers within the required turnaround time. The client can choose the type of copyediting service (see FAQs *footer page) with the final copy strictly with the relevant required style guides.

English Language Editing involves

  • Refining language usage
  • Correcting grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors
  • Improving text flow
  • Checking for conformity to British, the US, or other English forms
  • Rearranging sentences and paragraphs, if warranted
  • Raising the overall readability, and clarity
  • Imparting an academic tone to your manuscripts
  • Verifying all dimensions of quality
  • High degree of confidentiality assured


  • Accurate spelling and punctuation
  • Good sentence construction and rhetoric expressions
  • Apt choice of words, style, comprehension, and terminologies
  • Proper Grammar and apt word usage
  • Uniformity in Headers, formatting, dialog and paragraphs
  • Consistency in typeface
  • Careful numbering of page and chapter
  • Cross-check of factual relevance
  • Fine-tuning the overall language to achieve native the standards of English expression.
A senior editor will review your files before and after editing to ensure high-quality output.
At GlobalEdico we have implemented the unique practice of assigning, as far as possible, the same editor to each client to maintain uniform and consistently high quality standard of the papers, barring any eventuality or unforeseen reason for unavailability.
When to select this service? (View copyediting sample.)
Document Quality will feature:
  • Accurate language usage and style
  • Correct grammar and punctuation
  • Better text flow
  • Conformity to specified English forms regarding spelling
  • Rearranged sentences and paragraphs
  • Improved overall readability
  • Enhanced quality
Client confidentiality is assured.
  • Correct word usage and language style
  • Punctuation
  • Conformity to the British, US or other English forms
  • Spelling, typographical and grammar errors
  • Typographical and mechanical errors
  • Formatting issues, design and layout
  • Consistency in fonts and font sizes
  • Insertion of comments and suggestions to author for clarification
  • Final polish
At GlobalEdico our skilled proofreaders with a keen eye for detail make the last alterations to the document before it goes for final print.
When to select this service? (View proofreading sample.)
Proofreading eliminates errors in language, grammar and spelling, punctuation, format and style. Manuscripts authored by native and non-native English authors especially those prior to final submission before publication go through academic proofreading for an all inclusive and accurate language check based on academic writing principles.
  • Extensive English language and scientific editing of both sentence structure and content
  • Consistency in the choice of English forms regarding spelling and syntax
  • Clarity of thought, flow of text and conciseness
  • Revision, rephrasing and refining of manuscript
  • Resolution of content ambiguity
  • Enhancement of the readability of the document in line with publication standards,
  • Word-by-word check of the whole text keeping the author’s original paragraph breaks intact
  • Increased comprehension of the manuscript overall
  • Meticulous proofreading of the final copy to achieve publication standards
Substantive editors at GlobalEdico enthusiastically work in tandem with the author, establishing the objective of the paper and the target audience. With the ‘big picture’ in mind the editor helps the author develop the text by removing content ambiguity, eliminating language errors and restructuring sentences. Relevant details are highlighted, raising the overall comprehension of the manuscript. Reorganizing the material, advising the author on the areas that require rework, rephrasing, clarification and avoiding repetition involves heavy-duty editing! Editors offer valuable and valid suggestions regarding inconsistencies, content ambiguity, word choice and expression to the author. The substantive editor is specialized in enabling the author deliver clear, consistent writing to the intended audience. GlobalEdico more than amply meets these specific needs.


We provide language translation and content localization and our pricing is less than 30–40% compared to anyone in this field. We handle both general and technical aspects of all subjects (see also page on price).

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