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Quality control & Client Testimonials

We ensure that your documents are treated with utmost care. While editing, your document is initially processed by the language editor, and then reviewed by a senior editor in order to ensure that the quality guidelines are strictly met. Finally, our chief editor will oversee your job to ensure that your deadline is met and that our editing standards are maintained. Similarly, all our services have their own quality control departments to ensure that our output is error free.

  • Thank you very much; I appreciate your service. Very good job and an excellent value.

    Molecular Physiology, Germany
  • Thank you very much for your help and the whole paper looks much better. I’ll put your name and company in the acknowledgement section of paper.

    National, Taiwan
  • I was very impressed with your service. Can you edit another grant for me?

    Health Science Center, U.S.A
  • I…have learnt much English I didn’t know.

    Professor, Linguistics
  • Our manuscript that you recently revised was just accepted for publication by the Journal of Immunology. Thank you for your assistance! I am enclosing a different manuscript and would like to ask again for your help.

    Universitat, Germany
  • I’m very satisfied with the work you have done, thank you!

    Researcher, Geography
  • Thanks for the reply, the suggestions, and the revised attachment. I can see the logic of your changes. It is nice to have this kind of service available. I will contact you next time I need your help.

    Disease Research, India
  • I have never worked “on-line” with translations before, but it was a very smooth exercise. I was very satisfied with your services.

    Researcher, Medicine
  • Thank you very much for your perfect work, we are submitting the manuscript today! Agriculture and Forestry,

    Czech Republic
  • I had my first publication…improved by your company. I was very satisfied, and I will be back with new manuscripts for correction.

    Researcher, Medicine
  • Thank you for sending the revisions of our manuscript. I certainly received it and I am satisfied with it. How insufficient our original manuscript was! We will need your help next time too.

    Research Institute, Japan
  • I am very pleased with the job you’ve done so far. It improves the text of course but also gives me some hints about the mistakes I make

    Associate Professor, Psychology
  • Thank you for a well done job. You have really seen a lot of possibilities to improve the text – details as well as grammatical errors. They forced me to think not only on linguistic issues, but also on content.

    Researcher, Business Administration
  • I am very pleased with the suggested revisions. I feel confident that other documents requiring revision will be sent your way in the future. Thank you.

    Medical Sciences, Thailand


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